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Located in the Mall of Asia complex, Shell Residences is the perfect choice for a stylish, resort-style home with an awesome view of the Bay Area. Living in this premiere SMDC development means being in the middle of all the latest and coolest things urban life has to offer. Designed for professionals who need to keep up with the increasing demands of their job, this home could make it easier for you to maintain a work-life balance. Forget the hassle of commuting and the hours you spend on public transport or while driving home when you can enjoy all the finest things in life in Shell Residences.

Experience Staycations Everyday

Who doesn’t want to live every day as if it’s a vacation? Unfortunately, for many of us, work life takes up too much time it’s difficult to leave the city and just enjoy your downtime. Of course, you can take advantage of your leave credits but there are times when you are just too zapped to even think of traveling. If you are working hard to earn money, why not choose a place where you feel rewarded every day? With its resort-style theme and numerous amenities, Shell Residences is just the place to choose when you are in the mood to experience vacation on a daily basis. Whether you decide to just sleep in over the weekend or hang out on your day off, you can experience posh accommodations, readily available amenities and facilities, and diverse cuisine without venturing far away from your home. Being in the Mall of Asia Complex, Shell Residences puts you in the middle of all the diverse activities in the Metro. Whether you love dining out, watching movies, museum hopping or just window shopping, you have tons of options when your neighborhood is full of interesting places to see and experience.

Surrounded by Interesting Spots

Located five to 10 minutes away from the SM Mall of Asia, Shell Residences is the perfect location if you want everything within reach. Aside from the huge mall complex where you can have access to all the hottest retail shops, movie theatres, and tons of other pampering services during your day off, you can also explore various casinos close to your home. Solaire and City of Dreams are popular casinos where you can’t just make bets; you can also find a lot of posh restaurants which would be perfect for those who love trying out new restaurants. Speaking of foodies, your dining options in Shell Residences is so diverse it would be difficult to try out all the cool restaurants close to home. Seaside restaurants should be included in your foodie map. As for recreational activities, MOA has a skating rink, there are amusement park rides in the Bay Area or you can travel a short distance and visit Star City to indulge the little kid in you. While there you can go museum hopping –a cultural activity which will open your eyes to the country’s history. This is also the perfect activity when you have kids since it could be the perfect activity to help them learn their lessons outside the classroom. Kids are curious by nature and exposing them to the country’s history will be a better method for tutoring them rather than continuously drilling them about what they learned in school. For those who don’t want to miss out on the country’s hottest nightlife destinations, Blue Bay Walk, Chaos and Pangea are all interesting places. Shell Residences is definitely the perfect choice whether you are starting a family or you are a professional who wants to make the most out of his or her youth.

Remarkable Facilities

When you talk about condominium living, you can expect to have access to all its awesome facilities. As for Shell Residences, there is a huge and elegant lobby and the same set of facilities you can have access to in many hotels. The lounge areas are clean and sophisticated, it’s quite clear the building managers are paying close attention to maintaining an awesome welcoming atmosphere for guests and residents alike. Another place worth mentioning is the pool area which is awesome. There’s a dedicated area for kids and another one for adults. This way, you wouldn’t be afraid of allowing your kids to swim, of course, under your close supervision. There are also beach chairs, cabanas, and a gazebo which will remind you how awesome it is to be vacationing without leaving home.

Why Shell Residences

If the location and the amenities are not appealing enough, think about the future returns from investing in this property. If your workplace is close to Shell Residences, you will definitely find the close distance a good change. In just a few minutes, you can arrive at work and you won’t be stressed with the commute. Should you feel the need for a change in atmosphere, you can sell the unit or have it rented out. Property values are expected to increase due to the growing interest of many foreign and local companies to build an office in the complex. Plus, the residential options for professionals working in the area are limited which is why there is a demand for affordable housing close to the MOA complex. Plus, this is perfect for renting out to those who are employed close to the area and to individuals who need a temporary place to crash. Renting out the unit through Airbnb and similar platforms is also a good idea. This is appealing because the location is close to the airport –it’s great for those who are waiting for their flight which makes it appealing to OFWs. Since the MOA Arena is close by, concert goers and those who need to join trade shows in the SMX Convention will also find this place appealing. There are also tons of offices and establishments close by, and there are people who need to join meetings, visit branches, and have something to do in the area. With the current market and the continued development boom, the property will definitely have a lot of potential customers.

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